President & Founder, INACO

Andreea PAUL is a lecturer, PhD, at the Bucharest University of Economic Studies, at the Faculty of International Business and Economics (2008-present), and a founder and President of the Romanian think-tank INACO - the Initiative for Competitiveness (2017-present, www.inaco.ro).

She was first deputy chairman of the Budget, Finance and Banking Committee in the Chamber of Deputies (2012-2016) and chair of the Economic Commission of the Central European Initiative (2014-2016). Mrs. Andreea Paul was the Romanian ambassador for SMEs to the European Commission (2011-2012), economic advisor to two Prime Ministers (2009-2012), economic advisor to the European Parliament (2007-2008), economic advisor in the Presidential Administration (2005-2007) and researcher at the Institute for National Economy in the Romanian Academy (2001-2007).

She is the coordinator of the Romanian trilogy: The Political Power of Women (2011), The Economic Power of Women (2016), The Civic Power of Women (2018), Polirom Publishing House, and future-be The Scientific and Tech Power of Women (2019).

She also coordinated the “Future Jobs Guide” in 2018, https://inaco.ro/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Ghidul-meseriilor-viitorului_INACO_10-septembrie-2018.pdf.